Oral Surgery & Enhancement

Eddie Morales, D.D.S. offerS the following oral surgery procedures, as well as Oral Biopsy.

Removal of Teeth

Oral Surgery | Removal of Teeth | Oral Biopsy Milwaukee WI | Greenfield WITooth extraction is recommended when a tooth is broken, becomes loose from gum disease, when the teeth are crowded, or when a tooth is very damaged or decayed. Because missing teeth can cause health problems ranging from tooth shifting and difficulty chewing to periodontal disease, restorative procedures are recommended to replace teeth that are removed. These may take the form of dental implants, bridges or removable partials/dentures. Replacement options will be discussed with you prior to your tooth extraction. Read more about the replacement of missing teeth under Patient Education.

Once your dentist has decided that dental extraction is necessary, Dr. Morales will perform an examination, that includes an x-ray, to further evaluate the tooth and surrounding bone structure. The extraction procedure is performed under local anesthesia and involves rocking the tooth back and forth to ease it from the socket. Some teeth may need to be surgically removed in sections. After the procedure, an ice pack will be applied to reduce post procedure swelling. In some instances, medications are prescribed as part of your postoperative care. You will be asked to follow a soft, cool diet the day of surgery, and you can return to normal diet and activities the following day.

Surgical Enhancement Procedures

Eddie Morales, D.D.S. offers the following surgical enhancement procedures.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a tool used by Dr. Morales to help improve surgical outcomes. PRP is made from a small sample of your own blood. The process concentrates the platelets found in your own blood, which contain huge reservoirs of growth and wound healing factors. Growth and wound healing factors are natural components of your own blood and data has shown that these factors may enhance and accelerate your body's normal healing process.

Potential benefits of PRP include the reduction of bleeding and bruising, decreasing inflammation and swelling, enhanced wound closure, accelerated bone and tissue growth and reduction of overall healing times.At the beginning of your surgical procedure a small amount of blood is drawn by a member of the surgical team. Since the PRP is made from your own blood, it is insulated from the risk of disease transmission. Dr. Morales will then apply the PRP topically to the wound site, usually in bone and tissue grafting procedures, to stabilize the graft material and accelerate bone and tissue growth.

Additional Surgical Enhancement

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